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CaptainsBounty.com is a new business for a new boating world and is launching this fall. Your boat doesn’t have to sit idle all of the time, depreciating, rotting, oxidizing and rusting. A boat that runs often, runs better and lives longer. Now you can afford to be on your boat more by making money while you enjoy your time on the water making new friends! Let every day be the best day with a boat; not the first, not the last, Sign Up for enrollment Today! We treat your information as confidential and do not share with any third parties.

The boat captain sets the hourly price and he can change it at any time via his application instantly. The captain decides how many riders he will take in advance via his boat bio profile. The captain sets his own work schedule in a real-time basis as well as having the ability to charge surge pricing at his command. The captain has zero advertising and marketing costs to pay.

The captain is not charged any broker fees although we do charge a commission of 20 % after our booking is verified. The captain has the option to adjust his hourly rate to reflect fees and lack of tips on our platform. Our commission covers advertising & marketing, credit card processing fees, rider liability insurance up to $1 million and other benefits such as business analytics which allows you to improve your revenue and target best boating market segments.

The captain feels safe as the rider has been vetted and rider’s personal info verified by the association.

Our Services

We provide a FREE mobile application for You and Riders. We find the Riders, Market and Advertise, we process the payments and provide liability insurance up to $1 million.

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Special Events

Sponsored Captain’s Sign-up and Rewards Parties. Premium listing and commission discounts for active captains. Charity Events with Bimini Ring Tournaments and special prizes.

Dates and locations to be announced.

How it works? You decide!

How many Riders you accept, when you want to book a trip and for how long, you set hourly rate and minimum time.

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